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What is a Super Hero Party?

January 19th, 2015 by BlackRose Parties
​Ever wonder how a super hero could be contained to a birthday party? It wasn’t easy, but we’ve made it happen! Here’s the specifics. 

Each package start with an energizing entrance by the super hero. He’ll make introductions, moving swiftly through the crowd to locate the special kid he’s there to see. Be sure to capture the excitement when the hero appears! We recommend this time for individual or group photos with your super hero. The remainder of the party depends on the package and time you have purchased. 


It’s our most requested super hero package. While a pirate character is a natural fit, we have created treasure hunt packages for Spidey Guy and Half-Shelled Hero too.

Recommended For: 
    1)Kids ages 4-12
    2)Guest counts of 4-8

Please have the Party Area ready:
    1)Large area or several smaller open areas. 
    2)The birthday cake and presents should be set up in a separate area.

Prior to the party, you’ll send us a diagram or photos of the party area, so a map can be drawn and the story can be written. You are also responsible for providing the object and hiding it prior to the party.

The super hero will start by telling the tale of the object hidden nearby, and a need to locate it. He’ll ask for volunteers to join him on this mission. Once the treasurer has been located, the hunters will feast on the birthday treats and the super hero will aide in opening the presents. 


Recommended For:
    1)Kids ages 0-12
    2)Guests count of 1-10

Please have the Party Area ready: 
    1)A large, open area, with access to an outlet. 
    2)Two chairs in the center of the area. One for the birthday child, and one for the super hero.  
    3)The birthday cake and presents should be set up in a separate area.

The super hero will lead the happy birthday song and aide the birthday kid in opening their presents. Once everyone is full of sugar, the super hero will entertain the guests with a wild tale, customized just for your party. Then it’s onto the games!
Successful games have been races, Lego building, and silly string fights. Games are based on the ages, gender, and your input.

Mission Accomplished!

One action packed day filled with memories. 

Ready to add a super hero to your party? Call or email BlackRose Parties today!

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January 19th, 2015
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