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What is a Princess Party?

January 15th, 2015 by BlackRose Parties

Wondering what to expect from a princess party? We’ve broken it down into three basic categories.

The Start of Something Grand……

Each princess party will start with a magical entrance by the princess. She’ll announce that she has traveled from her palace to bestow birthday wishes to an incredible young girl. Be sure to capture your daughter’s excitement when the princess appears!

The princess will personally introduce herself to your guests, being sure to make a very special introduction to the birthday girl. We recommend this time for individual or group photos. Then, please help the kids settle down and usher them into your Party Area for the activities. 

The remainder of the party depends on the package and time you have purchased. We have three different packages, Performance Package, Sparkling Makeover Package, and Game Day Package.
Package Details…..


Recommended For: 
    1.Kids ages 4-12. 
    2.Aspiring dancers, singers, or actresses. 
    3.Guests count of 3-8 kids. 

Party Area:
    1.Large, open, space. Family rooms or large play rooms are the best options.
    2.At least one outlet. 
    3.Camera and recording device. 

The princess will ask the parents to go into another room so she and the girls prepare a surprise for them!

The princess will explain to the kids that they will be starring in a real performance! First, they will stretch their vocal cords by singing their favorite songs. Once everyone is warmed up, the princess will choreograph the performance. When the show is ready, the parents will be called back in. Get your cameras ready for an incredibly sweet performance that you’ll never forget! 


Recommended For: 
    1)Kids ages 7-12
    2)Guest counts of 1-10
    3)Girls that love everything that glitters 

The Party Area:
    1)An open area. A playroom, basement, or kitchen works best. 
    2)Table or desk with at least two chairs. 
    3)Small trashcan. 
    4)Sink or bowl of water.
    5)At least two hand towels.
    6)Full length mirror and a hand mirror. 

The princess or her assistant will set up her make-over station packed with lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, temporary tattoos and glitter! 

Each child will have the experience of a lifetime - a royal makeover by a fairy princess! For larger parties, the assistant will help with the makeovers. For smaller parties, nail polish and hair may also be done. 

Once everyone is ready, the girls will show off their new looks during The Glamorous Giggles Fashion Show! 


Recommended For:
    1)Kids ages 0-12
    2)Guests count of 3-10
    3)Co-ed parties, active kids 

The Party Area: 
    1)A large open space such as a basement, playroom, or outdoor area. We will need access to an outlet. 
    2)Two chairs in the center of the open space. One for your special daughter and one for the princess.  
    3)The birthday cake and presents should be set up in a separate area.

The princess will present the birthday cake and lead the happy birthday song. Next she’ll assist the birthday girl in opening her presents. Once everyone is full of sugar, the princess will usher the guests into the party area.
The kids and the princess play games, sing, or make a craft. The activities will be based on ages and your requests. Successful 
games have been indoor snowball fight, blowing bubbles, and hide and find. Fun sing-alongs may include pop music or oldies. Crafts can be anything from making a snow globe to coloring pages. 

The Story Book Ending….

The princess’s time with you has reached an end,

As she drifts away, she’ll say

Until next time, my precious friend!

Ready to add a princess to your guest list? Call or email us today!

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